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📺+🍬 for my last day with the munchkins!! 😭 I’m going to miss them so much!!!
So many years
before the soft key of your tongue
unlocked my body. Gregory Orr (Before We Met)

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Excuse me sir, I’m going to need my body, hair, and skin color back…🙈 #Thatsnotme #VCU #lookalike



baddie, B.

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On the ✈️, it occurred to me that I wasn’t on earth anymore… And yet the planet was still slanted on it’s axis, swiftly in rotation, that life for everyone else continued. And with that thought, I realized three things: 1.) I’m only this big 👌! 2.)How self-centered I am and 3.) Life is a precious gift given to us and that I don’t want to waste what little time I have here.
😋 #sweetiepies was DELICIOUS! And the line was 🍌’s!!
#ImosPizza 😋 aka the best pizza in #StLouis !